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Greetings gentle readers! Chances are you already know the beginning of our narrative but for those lucky few who stumbled onto our little blog with no knowledge of our storied beginning let us enlighten you….

Our names are Meg and Marcy and it all began with a wink – a virtual wink –

on match.com. We met on the famed online dating site, fell in love, and married. Now, according to fairy tales that is where the story should draw to a close as we ride off into the sunset basking in our love but… that is where this story begins.

As most couples do we chatted about kids and decided that we wanted them. Great. Now what?  For a heterosexual couple this is where the fun part begins (if you’re not having fun while trying to make a baby, you might be doing it wrong) but for us, two lesbians, this is where the logistics coversation starts.

Does one of us get pregnant? If so, who and how? There can be a lot to consider. Our decision was a little less complicated because even though we both felt a calling to be mothers, neither of us had a desire to carry a baby in our womb.

So, that was that. Adoption was our answer. More specifically, we decided we wanted to adopt through the state’s foster care program.

Some people hear about our decision and think that what we’re doing is a wonderful thing, selfless and brave even. This, dear readers, is wrong. We want children, a family, and we don’t want to do it the more traditional route. This is about our happiness – our happiness as a whole family. A family complete with two parents, a couple of kids and a couple of dogs. (Did we mention that we’re already proud beagle mothers?)

Our journey to family happiness takes an important step this weekend as we start our very first MAPP (Massachusetts Approach to Partnerships in Parenting) training class. This 24 hour training program is an important, and required, step in becoming eligible as a foster or adoptive parent through the Department of Children and Families (DCF).

We’ll be using this blog as a way to tell our family’s story right from the beginning of this exciting process and hopefully we’ll answer some of your questions along the way!

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