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Lots to be Done, so Let’s do Something

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Well unfortunately bureaucracy moves slowly, so we’re still waiting to make the move to the next step of the process towards becoming eligible foster/ pre-adoptive parents.   We reached out to our area DCF Office but they were still waiting to receive our MAPP Profiles from MSPCC (Massachusetts Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children) – the organization we took our MAPP training through. Our social worker will not be able to begin the home study until after she has received and reviewed our MAPP Profiles.

So now we wait…. and do work around the house and anything else we can think of doing in preparation.

We’re making progress on our many projects at home. We’ve had a new light put in our small bedroom and a light in the hallway – with two light switches! Our hallway is so fancy (and well lit) now! Marcy also stepped back into the closet (literally) and painted the last bit of wall space with original paint.

And of course we’re trying to make ourselves completely finish projects we’ve already started since we’re terrible at that. Sometimes we when we go the “it looks so much better stage” we get distracted by the next project. Here are a couple of examples of almost finished projects we’ve done over the last year or so that we’re now working to finish:

Our dining room is so very close to being done! The ceiling still needs one more coat of paint, we need to finish the trim and refinish the floors. But it looks so much better.


Our upstairs hallway is slowing making progress. While we did love the floor to almost ceiling paneling we were pretty happy to say “goodbye” to that and the drop ceiling. We still have a couple more small tasks in the hall, but the big step is putting down new floors and although we’ve started planning out how we’re going to go about doing it – it’s going to be awhile.


In addition to being very handy women we took some time to work on our house rules. House rules are recommended for foster homes not only to help keep our home running (relatively) the way we’d like it to. But, more importantly they can be helpful for the child – to give structure and an understanding of where and how the child fits in to the home.

Our rules are very general and very simple. They’re also a work in progress and I imagine we’ll seek feedback from our social worker. They are as follows:


While we may not have made much headway in starting our family, it was probably for the best that we weren’t visited by a social worker this week since we had two very rambunctious house guests – a pit bull/jack russell mix and a puggle. We were dog sitting for friends which made our house a little hectic for visitors; anyone who stepped into our home was instantly greeted by four very excited dogs – which could be overwhelming.

We’re hopeful that this week, after we clean up all the dog hair and little paw prints, we’ll hear from our social worker and schedule the first meeting for our home study. Until then we’ll continue crossing off items, and probably adding a few, to our to-do list.

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