Our Imperfect Lives

Seems We’re Taking the Scenic Route on this Journey

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We’ve had a bit of a lull in the process, which is why we’ve been MIA in the blogosphere for the past week. Well, also because Meg has been a whirlwind of educational fun with lesson planning, tutoring and the like; plus Marcy has been coaching and fawning over her flora, willing the grass seed she planted to grow with all her might. So, even though we haven’t been doing anything with our home study we’ve still been doing a lot.

Because it had been a while since we first reached out to our social worker, we decided it was time to drop her another line – boy are we glad we did! As it turns out our MAPP trainer never sent our paperwork to our social worker and who knows how long we would have been waiting if we hadn’t followed up.

After we reached out to our social worker and MAPP trainer, and discovered what happened, we got our paperwork to our worker. So, we might be getting a slow start on our home study, but the child, or children, that is meant to be part of our family will find a way to our home regardless of when we’re eligible foster parents. Our worker has since reviewed our paperwork and now we’re on the calendar for our first home study appointment. We’re making our way to becoming eligible foster parents – wahoo!

While we wait out the next couple of weeks until our first home study visit we’ve decided to take a stab at our one page family profile. This will be a document we can use like a business card. We can hand it out to social workers at events as a quick way that they can get to know us and decide if we might be a good match for a child in need.

Naturally we’ve been trying to keep an eye on our own interests and growing our family by doing all we can to be prepared, but we also have loved ones who are close to the DCF system looking out for us too. This is particularly exciting because what we’ve learned about the placement process is that it has a lot to do with who you know, well more accurately who knows you. A child’s social worker needs to ‘know’ us, or at least get a really vivid picture painted of who we are to make the decision that our family is right for the child. This is where our loved ones, a friend that Marcy grew up with who’s a social worker in another region of the state and Meg’s aunt, who works in the juvenile court system, can be very beneficial. They both have already offered to share our story with their coworkers and help us network and find the match we’re hoping is out there.

While our path may have been the scenic route up to this point we’re enjoying the ride and the immeasurable amount of support that we’re getting from our friends and family.


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