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The Home Study is Complete!

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We took a few days away from the craziness of our home repairs and the home study process for a quick vacation to the west coast. Some like to call the trip a ‘baby-moon’ since any time this summer or after we could get a placement through DCF, but really it was an early celebration of our wedding anniversary.

It was nice to be away from the smell of saw dust and to take a break from compulsively checking off tasks from our list towards becoming foster parents. It was a brief stay in sunny San Francisco and it was great. We meandered around the city, drove across the Golden Gate Bridge, visited the sea lions at Pier 39, took the ferry to explore Alcatraz, strolled among the giant redwood trees in the Muir Forest and puttered around wine country. We were busy, but we loved it, and as soon as we returned home we scheduled our final home study visit.

Meg during a winery tour at the Beringer Vineyards.

Meg during a winery tour at the Beringer Vineyards.

Meg and Marcy outside the well-known Castro Theatre in the Castro District of San Francisco

Meg and Marcy outside the well-known Castro Theatre in the Castro District of San Francisco

The final home study was primarily to discuss the checklist of possible disabilities or behavior problems a potential child could have and to do a final walk through of our home to test all of our smoke detectors. We hadn’t looked at the checklist since we went through it a few weeks ago following our very first home study visit, so we actually had forgotten what some of the items were that we checked off. We did of course remember the majority of the items we marked as “least acceptable,” because they weren’t many.

The disabilities we did mark as “least acceptable” were primarily because our home is not equipped to handle a child in a wheel chair or other mobility problems that would make living in a bedroom on the second floor very difficult. We also are very hesitant to take on the needs of a child who requires around the clock care as we both have full time jobs. Although we intend to take maternity leave when we’re first placed with a child or children we both intend to return back to work after maternity leave.

We want to keep our options open and not immediately rule out a child just because we marked off a certain box on a checklist. We know that we have certain limitations and may not be equipped to handle the needs of every child in DCF’s care but we wouldn’t want to miss out on the child or children that might be perfect for our little family.

Since we marked that we were open to discussing most disabilities or problems it was a relatively quick chat about the checklist. Then we moved on to our next steps. Our social worker would write up our home study, which is what will be presented to the social worker for a child/children to help that social worker determine if we might be a good fit, and then we would be eligible to be placed with a child. Unfortunately, our social worker can’t complete the home study until she receives all of our references back. Thankfully our family, personal, and medical references were all very quickly returned, but our employer references are a bit behind schedule. This coming week we both will be contacting our employers to hopefully light a fire under them to return the paperwork.

This is a really exciting time because we’re almost there! Our flooring projects are in the home stretch and we’re almost ready to become foster/adoptive parents. We had the wood floors on our first floor refinished this week and this week we’re hopefully going to be putting down the last layer of polyurethane on the newly installed wood floors on the second floor of the house. If all goes as planned by next week we’ll be able to start moving some furniture into what will be the bedrooms of our foster child/children and we’ll be eligible to be placed with a child or children!

There’s no knowing how much longer we’ll have to wait for our family but boy are we excited!

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