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Rooms Ready and Waiting


We’re not good at waiting. And it’s kind of unfortunate since we’re probably going to be doing a lot of it in this stage of the adoption process, so we’re keeping busy. Very busy. This week we spent almost every evening working late into the night preparing the rooms for our future, yet to be determined children. There was painting and staining to be done, furniture to be moved, and art work, lighting and doors to be hung.

In reality these rooms probably won’t be filled for some time yet, but it’s best to be prepared. And boy do we like to be prepared. We did make our first inquiry last week, we inquired about a sibling group of three and the children’s social worker requested our home study. However, we haven’t heard anything back but our social worker will be following up today. We’re trying to be cautiously optimistic.

All of our time and effort really paid off, at least we like to think so. The rooms look great, albeit they aren’t quite finished. We still have some small things to take care of like installing the toe rails along the edge of our beautiful new wood floors (which we of course installed ourselves), some baby proofing and other tidbits.

One of the rooms is currently set up for a small child, perhaps aged three to six, and it has a sea theme complete with blue fish decals swimming across the room. The other room is ready to be home to an infant or toddler and has a forest theme packed full of woodland magic including a wall of birch trees and a stuffed hedgehog.

 BabyBlueBedroom2Sea Room View 1Forrest Room GreenBedRoom

Of course, if we are fortunate enough to be placed with a sibling group of three we’ll either have to convert our spare room/ office into a third child’s bedroom or invest in some bunk beds. Hopefully we’ll have enough notice before the child moves in to make those changes, but if not, the queen bed in the spare room will work in a pinch – at least for a few days.

Once this bedroom project is completely finished we’ll be on to yet another project to keep us busy and not too obsessed with all of the waiting.

5 thoughts on “Rooms Ready and Waiting

  1. The rooms look amazing!!!

  2. Omg! They are so awesome! The floors, the walls, the colors, the themes! I love it! Y’all rock, and I can’t wait until you have some kiddos running around because y’all are already mamas!

  3. You are braver than we were. We waited until the boys arrived and then asked them what colors they wanted etc. We figured that siblings would “discuss” things enough! Best of luck!!

    • Oh we imagine they’ll be changes coming to these rooms depending on the age/likes of the child/children we’re placed with. We just didn’t want unfinished rooms, plus this kept us busy for awhile.

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