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It’s a Big Day

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Earlier this week, after speaking with 3 different social workers, we finally met them – Sport and Sunshine.* Sport is a two year old boy and Sunshine is a just-shy-of-4 months old girl. And since those phone calls last week it’s been a hell of a whirlwind!

On the phone we had made a plan with the workers, which included a brief schedule of events: an initial introductory meeting with the children, their foster mother and the adoption social worker on Wednesday. We also scheduled follow up meetings on Saturday, where we would likely bring them to our house and introduce them to our dogs, and on Monday. Then Tuesday would be when the children would move in to our home.

The first meeting went pretty much as planned and it was wonderful. We had a nice chat with Sport’s social worker and the foster mother. Then we took the kids to a nearby indoor playground. Sport is a high-energy toddler who loved playing with balls, walking up slides and stepping down the stairs, and rolling around on a tricycle that was just a little too big for his tiny feet to completely touch the pedals. He was well behaved; he respectfully held hands while walking in the parking lot and complied when we insisted on “inside voices” while eating lunch at a local restaurant. His sister Sunshine was also a sweetheart. She hardly fussed except when she was hungry and after giving her a bottle she was content with being held, looking around and napping in our arms.

Our first meeting was the only thing that went exactly as planned; the rest of the plan simply went out the window. After meeting us, the foster mother felt comfortable enough to move the time table up because she felt it would be easier to not prolong her goodbye. She also worried that if the children stayed with her after the weekend she would have trouble caring for them as her husband was returning to work on Monday and she was not completely mobile after her knee surgery.

This accelerated time table means today is a big day – instead of just a long visit we’re picking Sport and Sunshine up and bringing them to our home to stay. They will officially be in a pre-adoptive home. So the last few days have been busy to say the least – we’ve been hurriedly preparing our workplaces for nearly a month of leave, while at the same time preparing our home for the needs of tiny people.

In addition to preparing our lives, we’re working to prepare our friends and family for some life changes as well. We’re starting our family in a manner that many people may not be familiar with and so it’s natural to have questions, which is in part why we’ve started to share our story through this blog. However, there are parts of this story that won’t be shared on this blog because it’s not our story to tell, and that’s the story of how Sport and Sunshine got to where they are in their lives. So, we ask that our friends and family not ask why they’ve been placed in state care or the details of what they have experienced in their short lives that lead them to our home. We also ask that no one speaks ill of their biological family.

This journey is about to get very interesting and we’re excited to share these adventures with all of our readers, family and friends! We hope that we all can learn and grow and have a great time!

*The real names of the children have been changed for their privacy and protection.

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