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Snowed In

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Until last month we had had a pretty low key winter as far as snow accumulation goes, but Mother Nature wasn’t about to let us New Englanders off the hook – so she dumped nearly five feet of snow on us in just a couple of weeks. And the vast majority of that snow came in two different blizzards, yes BLIZZARDS. So, we apologize for the tardiness of our blog postings but, we’ve had our hands full (with very, very cold snow).

Fun in the snowFun in the snow

The first blizzard, which was big enough to come with its very own name, Juno, hit on a Monday night and carried through until Tuesday evening. We were stuck at home for the better part of a week trying to dig out. Meg, and the rest of the city’s students, teachers and staff, missed a whole week of school.

This particular storm really started off with a bang because on Mother Nature’s coattails came a whole lot of germs. Meg and Sunshine both got hit with the flu on Monday. As the snow first started piling up outside, inside Sunshine was fussing and crying and refusing to sleep in her crib. So, Marcy had to hunker down for a long night with an infant on her chest. While Marcy tried to sleep, Meg was having an equally long night splitting her time between the bathroom and the couch. It was one heck of a way to start a new week.

While school was closed for Meg, Sunshine and Sport, Marcy had to work from home throughout the storm. Working from home with Meg being sick made things a bit tricky, especially since this was the first time Marcy had worked from home as a mother. Normally, a work from home day meant Marcy hid out in the home office with snacks, water and her computer, but with Meg and Sunshine (and their germs) taking over the TV room and a toddler bursting with energy – hiding in the office wasn’t an option.

Marcy ended up moving her workspace back and forth from the chair in Sport’s room to the kitchen table. Each locale brought new activities for Sport – painting, play dough, basketball, soccer, and football – anything to keep him busy. While we’re delighted that Sport isn’t one of those kids who will waste away his day watching cartoons, it sure would have been helpful if he’d wanted to watch just a little TV…

20150128_105902 20150128_113740

image soccer

While the flu and working from home made snow days one through four a little complicated, we survived and we even came out the other end healthy… or so we thought.

Enter snow storm two, this one wasn’t as brutal, it only brought one foot of snow and more sickness. This time it was Sport who got hit. We knew once he actually slowed down we had a problem on our hands, although we really wish we saw it coming a little sooner. You see, we were at a family party the day that it hit, the day before more snow.

When the party had rolled around we were ecstatic because both Meg and Sunshine were healthy and ready to eat, drink and be merry with the whole family, many of whom we hadn’t seen since Sport and Sunshine joined the family, but the healthy, free living didn’t last. After getting a good fill of basketball with the cousins and uncles, Sport succumbed to a fever. Yes, his forehead was warm to the touch but the true sign that he wasn’t feeling well was that he sat through more than 15 minutes of a movie while at the party and then sat through an entire movie at home while cuddled on the couch with Meg, and yet another the following morning.


Sport was feeling a bit better the next day, the fever had subsided although he had a cough and he really was a “boogie monster.” The daycare rules are: 24 hours fever free before a child can return. Of course, thanks to the snow, that rule was a moot point. Yes, Sport’s fever was gone, and no, it hadn’t been 24 hours yet, but there was no school to worry about – thanks to yet more snow.

This time even though everyone was home again and Marcy had to work from home, we were a two parent household again (instead of the 1.5 parent household when Meg was sick), life was a bit easier. Of course, this luxury didn’t last.


Our next snow storm (that’s right we got hit again) had Marcy confined to her bed with a raging headache and nausea. It was Meg’s turn to get an up close and personal appreciation and awe of single parents. Marcy had already experienced it and as a united front of a two-parent household we were both wondering how single parents manage.

It’s now been a month of weekly snow storms; our street has so much snow that it’s turned into a one lane street, our driveway is five feet longer than it should be, and our dogs have burrowed a race track in our backyard. Sadly the snow is so high that Sport has a hard time walking in it – it’s taller than he is by far. Plus, the temperatures have been so low, that it would be unwise for us to take the kids outside for any prolonged period of time. But, we persevere and hope that someday the sun will come out and it will be warm enough to play outside again – even if we have to play with snow shoes or a sled. Until then, we’re figuring out how to stay busy indoors.

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