Our Imperfect Lives

Spring has Sprung

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Spring has sprung and we’re sure keeping busy! All of the snow has finally melted and our lawn is starting to show shades of green and the park down the street is teeming with activity, so of course, Sport wants to spend every waking moment running around outside. We’ve played hours of baseball, basketball, football and soccer, but Sport isn’t the only one keeping us on our toes. Sunshine is now on the move – she’s started to crawl!

The busyness is a great way to keep our minds off the upcoming court dates. We have absolutely no control over the outcome of the case, we won’t be present in the courtroom, and we won’t be called as witnesses, so it does us no good to obsess over it. Of course we’re still going worry if our minds have the time to contemplate it – so we don’t give ourselves much time.

To give you a glimpse into how we’ve welcomed spring we decided that photos can say a lot more and are a heck of a lot more fun to look at then paragraphs of words, so here you go, our spring so far…

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