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It’s a Date!

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It’s been 1 year, 6 months and 8 days since Sport and Sunshine moved into our home and after all that time of not knowing when we’d be a legal family – we finally know! We were given a list from our adoption social worker with four possible dates to appear in court to finalize the adoption. We picked May 5th, so naturally we intend to celebrate with Mexican food.

We were given more time to prepare for court than we had expected. We also had the option of a date two weeks earlier, but we wanted to be sure ourselves and our close family would be available to help us celebrate. Although we’ve been preparing for this day for a while, we still have things we want to do.

First of which, was to start talking to Sport and Sunshine about the upcoming event. While we had already discussed how different families are created and read stories about adoption – we had never specifically addressed their adoption.

In an unknowingly helpful way, Sport opened the door right up to discuss our day in court. Out of the blue he announced his current full and legal name. We have rarely heard him refer to himself using his last name, so Meg took the opportunity to begin the discussion. She told him that his last name would be changing so that it would match Mommy’s and Mama’s. They also discussed how she changed her name when we married. He was reminded that he would keep his first name – given to him by his birth parents, but change his last name to show that he is part of our family as well. He seemed to like the idea of the whole family having the same last name.

Next up on our list of to-dos was our outfits. Such an occasion requires nice new duds – something dressy but comfortable and clearly we want the whole family to coordinate. We’re also going to include a special component that will tie all of our outfits together, but we won’t reveal that until the big day.

Since we’re working so hard to put together these adorable new outfits we would obviously like to take family photos, so our to-do list also includes scheduling time with a photographer. Thankfully we have a very talented friend Jen, of Adventurous Moms, who agreed to take family photographs of us to help commemorate the special day.

We also have to prepare for some more practical things, such as taking over the full cost of Sport and Sunshine’s daycare bills. Currently Sport gets a small subsidy and Sunshine benefits from a free slot provided by the state. We enrolled Sport in his daycare and pay the center directly, so the adoption will only impact the legal name they have on record for Sport. Sunshine, however, will lose her state provided daycare slot soon after the adoption is finalized and she is no longer a ward of the state. Thankfully, we have already discussed the possibility of Sunshine continuing on at her current daycare and her provider doesn’t anticipate any problems. We just have to work out the specifics now that we have a date.

We also have a few other plans up our sleeves to commemorate the day, but we’ll let those be a surprise.

The news of our upcoming court date is mostly just a formality – these kids are a part of our family – but it’s still a big day. In the meantime, we still have our everyday lives to live and lots of fun things to do. What fun things you ask? Check out some of our recent photos:

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