Our Imperfect Lives


What’s this blog about you ask? The trials and tales of Meg and Marcy, told from the point of view of who else but Meg and Marcy ourselves. The meat of these stories will revolve around our family and our journey to growing our family – and all of the hiccups that ensue.

A little bit about Meg…

Marguerite, or Meg as most know her, is an outdoor enthusiast, animal loving, bilingual, urban high school science teacher. She loves to travel – to the dismay of her penny pinching bride – and enjoys experiencing other cultures, particularly those of Hispanic origins. She prides herself in her handyman – apologies, handywoman – abilities, having remodeled most of her 100+ year old home.

A little bit about Marcy…

Marcy is a soccer obsessed, motorcycle riding, TV watching, tie wearing, geek. She is also an animal lover and, along with Meg, adopted her first puppy, Bella, and is the proud step-mother to the elder beagle, Emma. Marcy has a slightly less noble profession as a marketer, but also volunteers her time as a soccer coach. She particularly enjoys coaching young goalkeepers and helping them harness their inner crazy.

Meg & Marcy

2 thoughts on “About

  1. I just found your blog while searching for “TPR stories” We are a MA couple approaching the TPR date for our sibling set and reading through your posts has put my mind at ease (as much as it can be with all the craziness that foster-to-adopt brings). I especially appreciated the bits about last ditch efforts of family coming forward, we just got news of the same thing today and it made my heart sink. Thankful for other stories on days like today!

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