Our Imperfect Lives


Paper Pregnant

We’re paper pregnant! That is to say we completed our home study, had it approved by the area office supervisor and signed all of the necessary paperwork to become officially eligible to be placed with a foster/pre-adoptive child/children. And it’s equally terrifying and exciting!

Now that we’re officially a home studied family we have more access to the child listings on the MARE (Massachusetts Adoption Resources Exchange) website. Previously we only had access to children chosen for the public page. However, as a home studied family we can read about many more children that need homes. We didn’t waste anytime and started searching our expanded list right away.

The sheer number of the children in the DCF system with the goal of adoption is heart wrenching and the thought of searching the list like a department store catalog is a little weird and a bit sad, but it’s exciting too. One of these children or sibling groups could be “the one.” In the time it takes for us to be placed with and legally adopt a child or sibling group we’re probably going to have inquired about a lot of children and viewed the profiles of even more but we know somewhere in that database is or will be the missing part of our family.

In our first night of pursuing the listings we found a few children that seemed like they might fit what we’re looking for. The listings only give us a quick snap shot of the child – even less that your typical online dating profile – so it will be difficult to tell for sure if they’re right for us without speaking to the child’s adoption worker and then the child. After looking for a bit we decided to inquire about a sibling group of three children, two boys and a girl, all of whom are under 4 years old.

In order to inquire about these three children we simply just shot an email off to our social worker who in turn emailed the social worker for these children. In all likelihood we won’t hit one out of the park our first time up to bat, so we’re still going to keep our eyes on the list of children. The children we inquired about are young and have only mild emotional needs, so there are probably many inquiries being made. Not to mention we may not be the right family – the social worker may prefer to place the children in a Hispanic home or perhaps a home without pets, or perhaps another family is just a better fit.

We can’t say for sure how long it will be until we get that phone call that says we have a match and we won’t know for sure if once we get that phone call it will work out, but we’re going to stay positive. And until then we still have plenty of projects around our house to keep us busy as we enter this next phase of our journey.