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We Got a Delivery

This week we had a special delivery, but not the kind that’s generally associated with starting a family. The bundle of joy we received was a lot of wood flooring! This of course means we’re at it again with the home improvement projects. Well, really we never stopped.


The projects we’re hustling to finish like the flooring, electrical work, and painting are items that have been on our to do list for quite some time and we decided that going through this adoption process is the perfect kick in the pants we needed to set some hard deadlines for ourselves. Plus, it helps keep us busy during this long process.

Pairing our infatuation with home improvement with our adoption process doesn’t end with giving ourselves deadlines, its also spilled over onto the start of our toy stockpile. During a recent trip to a thrift store Meg’s eyes immediately latched onto a toy toolkit, so we scooped it up.  Then, since we spent the holiday weekend away, Meg proceeded to scratch that home improvement itch by playing with the toy toolkit herself. Naturally she wanted to make sure it was good enough for our future child/children. As you can see we plan on indoctrinating them early.


Now our short holiday is over and we have our first home study meeting with our social worker this coming week, so we’re going to be neck deep in work around the house. Our primary goal for when she comes over is to simply get our new wood out of our dining room so we have a nice place to sit and chat with her. She’s already seen our home so we don’t envision this first meeting will include much in the way of an actual inspection of our physical home. More likely this visit will be about our home as an emotional place – how welcoming and nurturing it will be to a foster child/children. Also, from what we gather from our MAPP classmates, we’ll be discussing ourselves a lot. Pretty much it sounds as though we’ll be rehashing a lot of the information from the profile packet we completed as part of our MAPP class.

While we would have liked to have already started the home study process it is nice having the opportunity to learn about our classmates experiences. It helps us to know what to expect, since we have a tendency to get a bit of anxiety about these types of things. While Meg is sometimes prone to some anxious feelings over such important matters, Marcy is a bit more relaxed about most things in life but gets super quiet and is rather uncomfortable about the impending one-on-one interview.  Plus, even though we have the luxury of hearing about other people’s experiences – it’s still a lot of unknowns.

It seems we’re also pretty lucky to have the social worker that we do. We’ve only met with her once, way back in October when we kicked off this whole process, so we don’t really know much about her other than she seemed pretty nice according to what we could glean in that short meeting. A fellow teacher at the high school Meg works at recently adopted two young girls and worked with our social worker. She gave her a glowing report card. We’re told that she is a great advocate and very attentive to the needs of an adoptive parent.

All in all as the days tick by our excitement still stays high and we’re looking forward to our first home study meeting!