Our Imperfect Lives

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And the Wait Goes On…

Well we should probably get used to waiting, as we’re likely going to have to do a lot of it during this whole process. Right now we’re still waiting to hear from DCF about when our home study will begin. However, as we wait it is comforting to know we aren’t the only ones from our MAPP Class still waiting. Out of the nearly twenty people in our class (9 couples and one lovely single woman) only two or three couples that we know of have heard from their social workers.

For those of you who don’t keep up with the local news, there is a lot of hubbub going on at DCF. Recently, over the last year or so, three children have died that were involved with DCF and a lot of what goes on in the department has been brought into question. The negative attention is so significant that the DCF Commissioner resigned this week. A new commissioner has been appointed, but who knows what that will mean for us.

In fact, all of the changes going on at the top of DCF could have absolutely nothing to do with why we’re still waiting to be contacted. Of course it could also mean that everyone is moving a little slower and a little more cautiously – we just don’t know. What we do know is that many social workers are over worked, so we want to walk the fine line between being a bothersome nuisance and attentively following up. If we don’t hear back by early next week we’ll send another follow up email.

We’ll continue to keep in touch with some of our classmates from MAPP so we’ll have an idea if we really are falling behind in this certification process, or if everyone is moving along at the same pace. At least at this point there are several others in the same boat – so we have no reason to be concerned.

For now, it’s business as usual; we’re living our lives and moving forward. We’re continuing to tackle projects around the house and we even booked an anniversary trip for June.

We’ve also started to collect photos to use in creating a “Welcome Book”. The Welcome Book will be a way to introduce a child to our home and our lives. It will include photos of our house, our neighborhood, our cars and more. Friday was a beautiful spring day, so after we finished work, and  we were ready to kick off our weekend, we took our very rambunctious dogs – even our almost 10 year old beagle was playing like a young pup –  for a walk to our local park; there we took a few photos of the playground, the basketball court and the path by the river. The neighborhood children and teens were even nice enough to be out and about to make playful (unknowing) cameos in our photos. (Photos coming to the blog soon!)

We also took a photo of our cars in the driveway, but now we have to take a new photo because – we bought a new (used) car! And… we’re officially old – you know just in case there was ever any question. The car we bought is a “family car.” It seats 6 and has sliding doors. Sometimes it is classified as a station wagon. Marcy insists that it is “not a minivan.” Meg is thrilled to have a working a/c for the first time in years. In case you are a “car person” and would like to see for yourself, it’s a 2012 Mazda5 Touring Edition.

The New Ride

We had been researching cars and were planning to buy a new one soon, as Meg’s car was on it’s last legs (it was a 2001). Our salesman was a super sweet guy and a graduate of the high school Meg teaches at, but he graduated before she started teaching. We’re happy that we made the decision to buy and that he’s the one who got the commission.

It may still be a while before we have children to cart around in our family car but we’ll be riding in comfort with a moon roof, Bluetooth, and heated seats(!) Meg’s old car and Marcy’s car have manual everything, including the transmission. We’re also doing all that we can to not focus on waiting for the next step in the adoption process.